Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Mistakes Avoided

Roy Walley:  Once I drove all the family to Florida. The smell coming out of the back seat was terrible.
Clark: I know that smell, Roy; but what if you had driven all that way and Florida was closed?

A road trip with the family to Florida is bound to lead to some mistakes. However, here are five missteps you too can avoid.

5. Coordinate a Road Race with Your Trip - The Disney Half Marathon and Full Marathon was held this weekend and 50,000 crazies took to the challenge. Tourists and athletes alike walked around the parks with their medals in tow, beaming with pride of their accomplishments. It only makes sense to coordinate a planned race with a weekend at amusement parks, right? Wrong.  According to a study, the average person walks over 12 miles during a full day at the Magic Kingdom. Now tie that into hours of driving, unfamiliar beds, on-the-go eating, and pushing a stroller.

4. Stick to a strict schedule - A friend of ours sent us her family's perfect Disney itinerary, from picking the right parking lot to coordinating all the "fast pass" rides most efficiently. As soon as we began to make plans at the Magic Kingdom, a "Dancing in the Streets" interactive parade with Toy Story's Woody & Jessie erupted for the next 20 minutes. It was probably the most fun we had as a family and it could not have been planned.

3. Trust Your GPS and Not Road Signs - Those ginormous signs directing traffic are for the topographically challenged, not us tech-geeks, right? Let's just say when you plug in Disney World into a Tom Tom, you get the scenic route of orange groves and lakes. Also, you end up in the cast members parking lot nine miles from the park as your final destination. Okay, so maybe we didn't avoid every mistake.

2. Act Like an Adult - Ice cream sundaes before lunch? Sure.  Naps for the kids? Who need 'em? Spinning your three year old round and round on the tea cups til he almost pukes? That's called making memories. So is pretending to propose to your wife in front of Cinderella's castle, baby in tow, just to see her blush.

1. Save the Best for Last - With all the options of entertainment to choose from, why not save the best for last? End it on a high note, get settled in? This time, choosing our "must see" spot first was the best avoided mistake. Our trip was cut short due to the great blizzard of 2011 and we had to leave early. Regrets? We had none.

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