Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five Questions with Miss Jennifer

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Mrs. Jennifer Whitener is the three year old pre-school teacher at First Baptist Child Care Ministries in Gastonia, NC. She puts up with my son and his friends every day and lives to tell about it.

Today we are going in-depth to get the scoop about what makes Mrs. Jennifer tick. This was her reward for winning the Christmas Trivia question in a previous blog.

So is my son's head bigger than any other kid's you have taught?
*If you are referring to your child's ego, I'll have to say...not at all. If referring to the literal size of his head, possibly. To be honest, I've never really paid attention to the size of my children's heads. That must make me a terrible teacher.

Kids say the darndest things. What's the funniest thing you've heard this week?
*Because of the EPIC SNOWSTORM of 2011, this week has only consisted of today, so I'm going to venture back to last week. One of my girls gave me a grocery list that consisted of "beers, choca-chip cookies, toothpaste, and macyroni and cheeeeese."

What's one piece of advice you would give parents of toddlers?
*That's exactly what they are: TODDLERS. Do not treat them like babies. If you do, they will continue to act like babies well into adulthood, and you'll all end up on Dr. Phil discussing why your 35 year-old still lives with you and can't hold a job.

You recently tweeted: I LOVE seeing blue collar men get pedicures. Explain.
*I was enjoying a pedicure after work (one of the many ways I stay sane with my job) when a 50-something year-old mechanic walked in and sat beside me to get a pedicure as well. Tweeting kept my eyes on my phone and (hopefully) suppressed the look of shock on my face.

I know you and your husband are newlyweds. Does watching three years olds make you want to have kids soon or is it this best form of birth control?
*That's a hard one. My best form of birth control would have to be having a husband that tells me he's not having children before he's thirty (which means I still have another 4 years). Teaching preschoolers gives me confidence that I will be able to mother my own children one day, while having a quiet home at the end of the day makes me thankful that I'm not a mother just yet.

No, seriously, doesn't Nicholas have a giant head!?!
*I'm opting to skip this one.


  1. Me thinks you need to have a trivia contest EVERY MONTH and the winner gets to be interviewed by you. Get on it!

  2. Jeremy, you're terrible at trivia. Don't worry, they'll be a blog about the whole Eastburn clan soon.

  3. Out of all my nephews, Nicholas has the third biggest head.

  4. Apparently my name on here is Info. — Mike D'Avria.

  5. Cute!! We love Mrs. Jennifer! My son, Carson, is in the class and loves to play with Nick.


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