Friday, January 14, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Slice

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"There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap." - Kevin James

I have been on a search for the perfect slice of pizza in America for quite some time. In fact, my blackberry actually has a list of my favorite nine places to grab a slice to remind there is always room for one more. 

Debate all you want, but this is a definitive list, in no particular order:

Pizza Place, Parkersburg, WV; perfect serving-one slice of thin cheese, one slick of thick.  Anyone who lives within 50 miles of P-burg knows this iconic eatery. Not a week in high school went by that I didn't spend $2.12 for the perfect two slice lunch. All ingredients shipped from Brooklyn, it's the best New York style pizza west of the Appalachians.

Imo's Pizza, St. Louis; perfect serving - eight tiny slices with extra provel cheese. Super thin crust, made with a white velveeta cheese-like topping, it's easy to consume a whole pie yourself.

Giordano's Famous, Chicago; perfect serving - personal meat lovers. Chicago style pizza, made with cornmeal crust, stuffed with meat and cheese, and with the top layer covered in sauce, is like no other. In fact, I can only eat this every six months or I will overdose of deliciousness.

Riccio's Pizza, Charlotte; perfect serving - one giant slice of eggplant parmesan.  Serving the Queen City since 1962, I stumbled upon this delicacy in a friend's basement. The aforementioned style is out of this world, crispy and greasy. And surprisingly, no calories.

Little Stevie's House of Pizza, Boston - perfect slice, two thin pepperoni, luke warm. After a five mile hike in the middle of the night  due to missing the last train in Boston, Little Stevie's was like an oasis in the desert for my buddy Darren and I. Only a few blocks from Fenway Park, it could have tasted like cardboard, but that night it it tasted like heaven. Darren and I have found some imitators in Montreal, Tampa, and Asheville, but never duplicated.

Pizza Town, Elmwood Park, NJ - perfect slice, two thin cheese. I mentioned that Pizza Place was the best west of the Appalachians, well here is the best. Since I was a child, we have made it a point to come to the little shack off the New Jersey turnpike. Add extra oregano, parmesan cheese, and red pepper.

Brixx, Charlotte, perfect slice - Spicy Shrimp - Next time you go to Time Warner Arena, park at the 7th Street garage, stop at Brixx after the game, get a beer sampler for $4.00 and a $5.00 pizza, which is classic brick oven style. Then get your parking validated for free. 

Pi, St. Louis - pefect slice - Veggie Chicago style. In the heart of the Delmar Loop, Pi is another homerun for deep dish. In fact President Obama has caused quite an uproar with his Chicago contingent when he has requested the Pi staff come make their pies at the White House - twice.

Simonetti's, Belmont, NC - perfect slice, a large white. Right off of beautiful Wilkinson Blvd near the gateway to Gaston lies a three booth Pizza shack. Only place to hit New York style in the area. Plus the lunch special can feed a small school.


  1. Amber, Ashley, and I are still waiting for our lunch from Brixx

  2. In Gastonia I really like Pontofino's.

  3. Jenn, Brixx is coming to Gtown soon. Dora, I agree it's the best in this town.

  4. I would like to put in a comment for both Barnaby's pizza in South Bend, IN and Pequod's in Chicago. Barnaby's wins my personal Bruno's vs. Barnaby's SB debate. When you are selecting a great slice in the greatest city in Indiana you only have one of those two choices and Barnaby's will always be it for me.

    If you ever speak to ANYONE in Chicago who is a resident and has tasted Pequods, they will always say it's their favorite deep dish. It's not as well known as Giordiano's (and I do love their deep dish and thin crust)but it is much better. When you find yourself again in the fair city of Chicago, I suggest you give it a try. I have two brothers who purchased condo's within the delivery zone who will vouch for it along with me.

  5. Barnaby's was a classic, but without a car in college, we rarely went there. Guess where I'm stopping next time I'm in the Bend? CJ's . . . then the Backer (then I guess Barnaby's). Wait, maybe Nick's Patio.

    I'm looking forward to someone beating out Giordano's next time I'm in Chicago.


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